5 reasons why LinkedIn is important for students

Why is LinkedIn Important for Students

In this time, being on digital gives you a bigger edge than anything else. LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world right now. You have the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Ariana Huffington, Randi Zuckerburg – just to name a few – on the platform, and active. Apart from being probably the best social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is the only place where you can display your skills and experience in real-time.

If you have just graduated from high school or a bachelor’s degree course, this would be an ideal time for you to invest in LinkedIn and ditch the other social media accounts(well, maybe not to that extent).

And if these are not enough reasons for you to be active on the platform, here are 5 reasons why you should consider LinkedIn as your primary social media channel.

Ways LinkedIn can help you shine in your career:

  • Establishes your online presence – Establishing an online presence is important. And the primary reason for that is how easily you can reach out to professionals across continents, without moving from your work desk. A very good tool to measure your success in this domain is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index(SSI). The SSI takes into consideration four metrics:
    1. Establishing your professional brand.
    2. Finding the right people.
    3. Engaging with insights.
    4. Building relationships.
      I have been working on this aspect a bit, and I wouldn’t say I’m doing too bad at this moment:
LinkedIn Social Selling Index
Working on my profile for the last 2 months, I have achieved an industry SSI rank of top 1%. All through consistent efforts on the platform.
  • A great supplement for your resume – Did you know you can export your LinkedIn profile as a resume? And even if you didn’t your LinkedIn profile acts as an updated resume and will be accepted by a lot of companies as a valid document during job applications. In addition to that, your profile gives you an added advantage of:
    1. Recommendations – which work as good as a Testimonial.
    2. Skills – You can list your skills and get them validated by your connections.
  • A robust job hunting platform – LinkedIn has evolved a lot in the last couple of years. Right now, the platform is a verified source of thousands of corporate job listings. And most of them allow you to submit your application in two steps with the LinkedIn Easy Apply feature. In addition to that, here are a couple of things LinkedIn can help you with, in your job search:
    1. Get email alerts for jobs – Set up your profile to be open for opportunities and select your industry preferences. LinkedIn will take care of the rest. You will get regular job updates for your preferred location, industry, and job roles!
    2. Research on prospective employers – Got a job offer from a company? You can search them up on LinkedIn, connect with their current and past employees, and get a real-time preview of the company before you sign the contract. Another good place to research would be Glassdoor.
  • Connect with school and college alumni – Connecting with College or School alumnus can be beneficial when you’re looking for career tips, or leads into your desired company. A little networking goes a long way here!
  • Create your own content – Have you ever wanted to be a content creator or an influencer, but felt you’ve missed the train with social media sites restricting the views? Well, one reason why I like LinkedIn is because of its organic reach capabilities. I have posts that reached out to double the number of connections I have, without any marketing gimmick. If you create valuable content on LinkedIn, you’ll be rewarded by the platform.

With the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), it may become very difficult for students and experienced professionals alike to find a new job. A regular activity on a platform like LinkedIn would be highly beneficial for students of institutions of higher learning, electoral colleges, liberal arts and art colleges, medical school(check out Johns Hopkins’ works during this time), students still a part of a university course or professionals in services companies. These are times when we have to help each other to grow. A little gestures goes a long way.

If you want help or suggestions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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8 thoughts on “5 reasons why LinkedIn is important for students

  1. Great article with good, clear points. 🙂

    I especially like the recommendations and endorsements on Linkedin.

    I try to be as active as I can on Linkedin, because in my work (voice acting), people from any industry can be valuable connections. 🙂 You never know who is going to need a voiceover next.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Sumara. And yes, LinkedIn when used properly can yield great benefits.

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