Amazing Twitter Organic Impressions Increase by 617%

Tiwtter Growth Hacking

This year, I had taken a resolution – to work on my personal branding. One of the channels I started off with was Twitter. My twitter handle isn’t really an impressive one. As of writing this article, I have 242 followers and I follow 112 accounts. I could definitely do better on that front on Twitter.

But in these last 3 months, my main focus was not to get the vanity metrics of followers. It was to show that even without having a big following, you can leverage Twitter’s open-ended framework to grow your account. Taking inspiration from the growth hacking trends around the world, I started this experiment to learn more about the platform and maybe use them later for my clients.

January looked a little bleak in terms of engagements, it represents how my account was doing so far. But I was still getting a healthy 447 impressions per day:

Twitter Analytics - January
That huge spike on the 7th of January is from a prebooking tweet for an electric vehicle

In February, I went to beast mode. While I increased the frequency of tweets, I started experimenting with hashtags and scheduling tweets for better engagement rates.

I was roughly getting around


impressions in a day – almost 5 times more than in January.

Twitter Analytics - February
My experimentation started from the 5th of February

With an idea of what is working and when it is working, I structured my March strategy to create a more consistent impression throughout the month.

I ended up growing up to approximately


impressions in a day.

Twitter Analytics - March
While the aim was to keep the impressions normal, I focused on real-time tweets for frequency changes

The Result – Twitter Boom

My growth hacking experiment on Twitter has been welcoming. I have received a 617.39% increase in impressions since January. An impression share of 2.7k per day – which is a little more than 11 times the total number of followers I have on Twitter. Here is my Twitter stats in a nutshell for comparison:

Number of Tweets50522585
Engagement %
Link Clicks8302943

As is evident above, the shift in strategy for March to focus on more real-time content boosted my engagement rate to almost double and earned me 3 times more link clicks than in February – with the same number of tweets sent in a day. And if you’ve missed out on the blog post title – all this was done organically. No paid ads pushed. No paid content partnerships(quite a long shot to ask people to pay me right now to start off with).

So How Did I Do It?

Now coming to the main reason why you would have clicked on the article – how did I do this? How much time did it take me?

Well, for starters, I invested around 30 minutes a day to achieve this. 20 minutes a day to see or engage with content on my timeline, 10 minutes at night to schedule my posts for the next day. That’s it. That has been my routine for the last 2 months. It’s not surprising how much social media can reward you if you are consistent.

And this is what my growth hacking setup looks like:

  • A Twitter account (well, duh?) – A complete Twitter profile that is completed(profile picture, your description – you know the drill).
  • IFTTT – For those of you who don’t know what IFTTT is, it’s a logical connector between various services and feeds. IFTTT is an acronym for “IF This Then That“. I use the 25 daily tweets limit on this to welcome new followers and tweet from my favourite Reddit subreddit /r/dataisbeautiful.
  • Telegram – I personally love this app for the way it can be scaled up from just a regular messaging app. Using IFTTT, I get new blog posts from the RSS feeds of my favourite blogs to Telegram.
  • RSS feeds of my favourite blogs. Some of them are SEMRush HubSpot, Growth Hackers, Google Search Blog. They go through IFTTT to my Telegram inbox.
  • Crowdfire – I use Crowdfire to schedule my tweets. You can use Twitter’s own TweetDeck or Hootsuite to do the same. I just prefer Crowdfire more.
  • Pexels or Unsplash account – for the awesome stock images. They are free, and I use them for my blog posts as well. Don’t forget to give due credits to the contributor when you use a picture.

The whole setup costs me zero money (well, apart from the electricity and internet charges). It’s scalable and your imagination is the limit.

If you want help or suggestions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Check out my article on why LinkedIn should be in your radar.

Check out my mini photo stories here.

Cover Photo by Lukas from Pexels

I use SEMrush to research for my articles. Want to give it a spin? Try it here:


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