Winning with EAT and Algo Updates in the Age of Coronavirus

This is a transcript of SEMrush’s webinar with Nik Ranger, Peter Mead and Lily Ray.


Peter Mead:

Welcome to Australian Search Marketing Academy, it’s Peter Mead. And today we have a special kind of topic. We’re all affected by COVID-19, how it affects SEO, how does it affect our EAT? 

What’s going on with the algo updates in the age of coronavirus? It’s bewildering but we have with us Lily Ray who has focused on this and really worked a lot of this stuff out. This is going to be a fascinating and informative webinar today. But firstly, let me introduce Nik Ranger, who’s an SEO specialist at StudioHawk. She’s big on strategy, big on data analysis.

Lily Ray, welcome Lilly, we’re so excited for you to be here. Lily Ray is the SEO director at Path Interactive and she began her journey in SEO in 2010 working in a startup, moved into the agency world but since then has been working with fortune 500 companies.

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What Freud can teach us about SEO – Part 2

If you have navigated here from my first SEO article, good to have you back! If you have not, I would request you to check out the first part of this series here to get an idea of the flow.

Now that we are done with the introductions, let’s jump right into business. Remember how I established one of Freud’s principles – the Id, in the previous article, here’s getting into the tougher sections – Ego and Superego.

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What Freud can teach us about SEO – Part 1

You must be wondering, how would someone who invented psychoanalysis help me with SEO? Well, why not? In today’s world, we have an attention span of a goldfish and a hunger for knowledge of a supercomputer. With the advancement of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, it’s quite impressive how personalized our web searches have become. And to add to it, we have voice search rising with the growing popularity of personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. All this makes one wonder, how do you tap into the mind of a user and get them to spend some time on your website?

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