Tijuana – Netflix’s latest political thriller

Netflix - Tijuana

“During the months this series was in production, 11 journalists were murdered in Mexico”

– Final lines on the last episode of Tijuana

Journalism is a grey area among most people. It’s a 2-way path, to be honest. On one side, you have readers who put in their trust in your articles and stories. While on the other side, a journalist has to decide how much truth should be in these stories. Tijuana on Netflix, from the house of Story House Entertainment, is a political thriller providing an insight into the tension between the journalists and the people in power in Mexico. The show stars Damian Alcazar of Narcos fame and Rodrigo Abed of El Chapo.

The Plot – What’s happening in Tijuana?

The story starts off with a heartbreaking scene of a group of people paying their respects to the fallen journalists – some who have been missing for a long time, like Ivan Rosa of the Frente Tijuana, or the Frente as it is called in the series. Ivan and his partners at Frente – Antonio Borja and Federica started off with investigative journalism. The weekly print was dedicated to unadulterated news, and was often not liked by the ones in higher positions. Ivan went missing 20 years to the day the story starts, but Frente Tijuana kept on going strong with his ideology. But will this honeymoon period last too long?

Tijuana streaming now on Netflix
From left to right – Ivan Rosa, Federica and Antonio Borja in a flashback sequence in Tijuana. Image Source.

Wins and Losses

Often we see that when a series has a political angle to it, the producers prefer to just touch upon the nuances and the aspects they think should be put forward. Tijuana went a notch higher. They didn’t just touch on the pointers, they dug deep into it. The struggles of being a journalist in Mexico is put forward in a very scary way. This owing to a perfect amalgamation of raw action, and gripping storylines.

As the story unfolds, Damian Alcazar is outstanding in his role as Antonio Borja – the man in charge of the Frente along with Federica, played by Claudette Maille. As the other characters evolved, Rodrigo Abed playing the role of Mueller puts forward a vibe similar to Kingpin from the Marvel universe. He is not a villain in this series. But he is a necessary evil – one without whom there is no story. He essentially makes up the backbone of the series, and in the end befriends Antonio Borja’s son – Andreas.

Special mention to Tete Espinoza and Tamara Vallarta for their roles as Malu and Gabriela respectively. Malu is a photojournalist for the Frente, covering riots, human trafficking, and smuggling across Tijuana. Gabriela starts off as a volunteer in the office of Eugenio Robles – an independent candidate in the election. As Robles is murdered, Gabriella is the only witness to the murder. The events made her shift to journalism, and start her career at the Frente. Playing a major role, and supporting them at the Frente is senior journalist Lalo, played by Rolf Peterson. Together the team uncovers the mysteries, which lead them to the answer everyone has been waiting for. Martha Claudia Morena was on spot with her role as Lucia. A very gripping sequence of her investigating a child prostitution racket, which leads the team to discover a lot of things about the main target in focus.

Final Verdict

Amazing. It takes grit and guts to create something like Tijuana. Story House Entertainment has proved its mettle. If you like an edge to the seat thriller, where you’d lose sleep if you don’t binge it at one go, this is a series for you.

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