In less than 140 words: Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is situated on the North-Eastern part of India. Like most of the region, it is cut off from the rest of the country in terms of transport and communication. But it is this very fact that gives this state its charm. The word “Meghalaya” can be literally translated to “Abode Of Clouds”, and this beautiful state lives up to its name.

Here’s my little postcard from 2017:

How to reach Meghalaya?

By Air

Guwahati – Most major cities across the country is connected to Guwahati by air. If not, there will be connecting flights via Kolkata.
Imphal – There are direct flights to Imphal from Kolkata. Manipur is a neighbouring state, and there are options to reach Meghalaya by road.
Shillong – Shillong has its own airport as well. But, chances of your flight getting cancelled are high because of the sudden changes in the weather.

From the airport, you can book a shared or a private cab to take you to Shillong. Buses are available from Guwahati city to various parts of Meghalaya too.

By Rail

Guwahati is the nearest major railway station from Meghalaya. You can find shared and private cabs, as well as buses from Guwahati city.

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