Awe-inspiring Gurudongmar Lake: In less than 140 words

Awe-inspiring Gurudongmar Lake: In less than 140 words 1

Gurudongmar Lake is considered a holy place for three religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The lake itself is in a restricted and sensitive area of North Sikkim and is currently under the control of the Indian Army.

Located at


feet above sea level

I had the chance to visit this holy sanctum and I was left in awe. Here’s mu little postcard from this piece of heaven:

How to get to Gurudongmar

Total Time: 3 days

Reach Gangtok

When coming from lower altitudes, it is important to get acclimatized to the local climate. We took strategic breaks along the way to acclimatize ourselves. Our first stop was Gangtok for a night.
Gangtok can be reached by Air, but chances are high of the flight getting cancelled because of bad weather conditions in Pakyong Airport. The easiest way to reach would be via Siliguri or Bagdogra airport.

Reach Lachung

Lachung is a quiet hill town and is generally the first strategic pitstop for getting used to the climate.

Reach Lachen

Lachen is a beautiful valley town situated in North Sikkim. For a Gurudongmar trip, this is the second strategic stop. It is the gateway to Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake.

Leave for Gurudongmar at dawn

The checkpost for Gurudongmar opens at around 7 am and the road is not the best in the world. Be ready for a rough ride and leave early to avoid the crowd.

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