Awe-inspiring Gurudongmar Lake: In less than 140 words

Gurudongmar Lake is considered a holy place for three religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The lake itself is in a restricted and sensitive area of North Sikkim and is currently under the control of the Indian Army.

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In less than 140 words: Meghalaya

Meghalaya is situated on the North-Eastern part of India. Like most of the region, it is cut off from the rest of the country in terms of transport and communication. But it is this very fact that gives this state its charm. The word “Meghalaya” can be literally translated to “Abode Of Clouds”, and this beautiful state lives up to its name.

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Tijuana – Netflix’s latest political thriller

“During the months this series was in production, 11 journalists were murdered in Mexico”

– Final lines on the last episode of Tijuana

Journalism is a grey area among most people. It’s a 2-way path, to be honest. On one side, you have readers who put in their trust in your articles and stories. While on the other side, a journalist has to decide how much truth should be in these stories. Tijuana on Netflix, from the house of Story House Entertainment, is a political thriller providing an insight into the tension between the journalists and the people in power in Mexico. The show stars Damian Alcazar of Narcos fame and Rodrigo Abed of El Chapo.

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In less than 140 words: Vatican

The Vatican – the heart of Christianity. When I was young, I had this unusual desire to visit the place. Not because of its association with one of the biggest religious groups in the world. But because I wanted to visit the museums. Growing up, I’ve been a big fan of history. I don’t remember how old I was, but this one time I visited the Indian Museum in Kolkata, and that was it. Awestruck by how little I know while living in the present, I started researching my way into the past. So, when in December 2018 my family and I visited Italy, a trip to the Vatican museums was an obvious choice.

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Doitto Review: A Peek at the Dark Side

Humans, more often than not, have been victims of fear and greed. While the major contributions of greed in our civilization deal with committing crimes and theft, fear has given rise to a big pandora’s box of monsters. Our weakness against fear has made us come up with ways to mentally fight against the same. And thus, we gave rise to superstitions and started worshipping Gods to help us overcome the fear Рour positive solace in the uncertainty of life. But, we forget another thing that fear brought out РDemons. If there is good, there has to be a bad side as well. Nature balances out the two to maintain harmony. But in that process of balancing them out, we experience synchronized chaos.

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